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Andrew Baird, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Sugery, School of Medicine

Laboratory web page:  https://researchgate.net/profile/Andrew_Baird/

Additional web pages:  http://surgery.ucsd.edu/divisions/trauma-burn/research/eliceirilab/pages/default.aspx

Key words:  Injury, infection, inflammation, wound healing, human-specific genes, extracellular vesicles, gene regulation, protein secretion


  1. Targeting extracellular microvesicles for increased activity, specificity and cell-cell communication after injury
  2. Avatars of human disease: Modeling the human-specific response to injury
  3. Human-specific genes and their role in defining the human-specific response to injury, infection and inflammation
  4. Drug and gene-based medicine delivery to the brain through the choroid plexus-cerebrospinal fluid nexus
  5. Directed evolution of gene-based therapeutics using combinatorial biology

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